Ashrae Fax - Static Crash

Ashrae Fax - Static Crash
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  • Vinyl LP
  • Alternative
(LP) Flanger-Gitarren, verhallte Drums, Cocteau Twins meets Siouxsie-Gedächtnisgesang...... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ashrae Fax - Static Crash"
(LP) Flanger-Gitarren, verhallte Drums, Cocteau Twins meets Siouxsie-Gedächtnisgesang... US-Gothic, doch wie frisch aus den UK-80ern! Limited Edition: Screen printed fold out poster, and screen printed insert.

Static Crash is magic, one of the most gorgeous collections of Gothic ethereal pop/noise of its kind to rise from the American underground in decades. One could easily believe its origin to be from 1983, or 1993, or even 2013. But its 2003 release found few takers, outside of a small but dedicated local following. At a time when rock & roll was obnoxiously forcing its way back from the morass of pre-millennial digital aimlessness, Ashrae Fax was finding ways to inject warmth and confidence into a mothballed musical form. Released in on spray painted CD-Rs, Static Crash's legend somehow grew even as the group fell apart. In 2005 the album was reissued on cassette, and six years later, North Carolina label Hot Releases offered to press up Static Crash on vinyl in an edition, which quickly sold out. Copies finally made it out to music writers, many of whom connected with the music on the very first spin. Off to the Internet they fled, trying to find more information on this group. Support swelled, and a whisper campaign finally found its way to Mexican Summer, who have committed to releasing the entire Ashrae Fax discography as well as an all-new album in the coming year, beginning with Static Crash. To mark this occasion, Ashrae Fax is reuniting to play live, beginning with a handful of performances and landing at Raleigh’s esteemed Hopscotch Music

1. Unndup
2. Daddystitch
3. Pointbreak
4. Ultravaca
5. Uprlxrq
6. Armpit
7. Dynamite Dust
8. Ectome

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Genre: Alternative
Label: Mexican Summer
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