Fresh & Onlys, The - Soothsayer EP

Fresh & Onlys, The - Soothsayer EP
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  • Vinyl 12
  • Alternative
Sechs neue Stücke der 60ies / Indie Band aus San Francisco-Band (includes DL Card) San... mehr
Produktinformationen "Fresh & Onlys, The - Soothsayer EP"
Sechs neue Stücke der 60ies / Indie Band aus San Francisco-Band (includes DL Card)

San Francisco's Fresh & Onlys are back, following up 2012's stunning Long Slow Dance with Soothsayer, a special digital edition of the 12 vinyl installment release which was available direct from Mexican Summer. Featuring six brand new tracks that are heavy on the pop- side, the Onlys reconfirm their effortless songwriting panache and renowned stylistic flexibility - shifting from driving, anthemic choruses to down-home folk with absolute comfort and ease. From the opening title-track, with its jaunty bridge and studied '60s pop sensibility, it's clear that the band are still masters of the (deceptively) simple melody. God of Suez is a swaying, beach-ready boogie, with a charming Mamas & Papas guitar lick, whilst Forest Down Annie's slow, reverent pace and psychedelic guitar flourishes harken back to the group's gloomier earlier releases. Closer Deluge of War boasts a soaring, harmonic chorus - finishing up Soothsayer on a high. Strong, solid or dependable might not be the most buzz-worthy words in the current musical zeitgeist, but in an age where so many bands are masking songs with muddied production and studio trickery, it's refreshing to hear some truly great songwriting and musicianship shine through.

1. Soothsayer
2. God of Suez
3. Forest Down Annie
4. Glass Bottom Boat
5. Drugs
6. The Deluge of War (Includes DL card)

Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Genre: Alternative
Format: Vinyl 12
Label: Mexican Summer
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