Co La - No No (Clear Vinyl LP)

Co La - No No (Clear Vinyl LP)
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  • 2320571
  • Vinyl LP
  • Techno/House/Electronica
Co La widmet sich der klanglichen Erforschung Sample-basierter elektronischer Musik. Aus dem... mehr
Produktinformationen "Co La - No No (Clear Vinyl LP)"
Co La widmet sich der klanglichen Erforschung Sample-basierter elektronischer Musik. Aus dem Umfeld von Daniel Lopatin / Oneohtrix Point Never.

Der Produzent aus Baltimore fabriziert Musik für eine Club-Umgebung, in der Solidarität und Psychose ineiander übergehen. Komplexe rhythmische Muster werden unterfüttert von seltsamen Gedängel, Sounds wie aus Cartoons oder vielleicht auch nur das Schlagen der Stirn an die Wände der Gummizelle.

Baltimore’s Co La, the creative cloak for Matt Papich, fabricates a club music environment where solidarity and psychosis enmesh. Emerging from the humid undergrowth of 2013’s Moody Coup, No No gathers tracks built during the northeastern deep freeze of 2014: sonically these songs are clear & uninsulated: cracking. No No is a reflection of Papich's interest in the never ending psycho-drama that is the American news cycle (f5 syndrome), blanketed with a style of auditory/performative humor that operates as a coping strategy, a modifier for an otherwise oblique sonic world. Where Co La’s past work focused on rendering impressions of physical spaces, designs and objects into broad musical forms, Papich now turns his interest inward, investigating the sensual and emotional aspects of terrestrial life. No No is inscribed with content - it points to basic fears/desires and scrambles them, creating an oddly emotional & alien dimension. Simple inversion is a focal point of No No. Club culture categorically offers an escape from the real world for revelers. Co La, a seminal player in Baltimore’s experimental club environment, (Club Undo), regularly abstracts the party into intellectually confrontational encounters, be it a rifle scope aimed directly on his forehead or building temporary soundsystems out of zipcars.

1. Squeeze
2. Shrink
3. Gush
4. No No
5. Noon (Blue)
6. Suffering (Tuesday)
7. Barricade
8. Crank
9. Tragedy
10. Fear Klares VInyl + DL incl Bonustrack I Comb My Hair

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Software Recording Company
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