Tonstartssbandht - Sorcerer (LP)

Tonstartssbandht - Sorcerer (LP)
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  • Vinyl LP
  • Alternative
Tonstartssbandht (ausgesprochen: Ton-Starts-Bandit) ist die Psychedelic-Pop-Band der Brüder Edwin... mehr
Produktinformationen "Tonstartssbandht - Sorcerer (LP)"
Tonstartssbandht (ausgesprochen: Ton-Starts-Bandit) ist die Psychedelic-Pop-Band der Brüder Edwin White (Drums/Synth/Vocals) und Andy White (Gitarre/Synth/Vocals), in Florida geboren, mittlerweile in Brooklyn lebend. Andy White ist vor ein paar Jahren als Gitarrist bei Mac DeMarco eingestiegen. Ihr zweites Album erscheint nun im Februar 2017 und zwischen Mac DeMarco-Aktivitäten wird sogar getourt

Sorcerer is the first full-length studio album from Andy and Edwin White, the Florida / New York duo known as Tonstartssbandht (tahn-starts-bandit), since 2011’s Now I Am Become. On Sorcerer, the brothers chart a heavenly course above the storm and stress, one explored over years of touring and a poetic language forged between performers and siblings. Sorcerer offers three long form depictions of Tonstartssbandht’s boundless spirit, ambitious noise rock narratives buoyed in a swampy sonic scene of delay, distortion, and virtuosic interplay. The album displays larger lyrical concepts within the framework of a guitar and drums duo, Andy's guitar and vocal loops creating a cascading sheet of interpretative reverb and future melodies, Ed's high-stakes drumming divided every which way but loose, a deep canvas of cohabitating sounds. Associated artists:

- Andy is a hired guitarist for Mac DeMarco

- Edwin has a project called EOLA

1. Breathe 2. Sorcerer 3. Opening

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Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Alternative
Label: Mexican Summer
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